Saturday, August 15, 2009

Needles. Lots

Things have been busy. Shooting like a madwoman and retouching until my back aches and my arms spasm. Yeah, fun.

But on Monday evening I'm scaring the living shit out of myself (and my dear, co-operative and pain-tolerant boy) by getting half-naked, shibari-bound in purple ribbon and having our arms stuck full of needles (by Wildfire's lovely Lliezel) for a self-portrait shoot with him, part of a series on body modifications and pain rituals for my graduation body of work. Since my early days of studying Photography in High School, I've had a theory about putting myself through what my models go through for my shoots... and this is definitely something I have to experience myself to fully appreciate.

It's going to be interesting... to say the least. Haven't had any multiple/play piercings done before, not sure how I'll handle it but I think it will be stress-relieving in its own way.

Pictures and thoughts to follow soon.